Five Members of Aden Presidency Request Reconciliation with Houthis

A member of Riyadh consultations in Aden revealed differences within the Presidential Council, which is loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen, over reconciliation with what he described as “Houthis.”

Jalal al-Salahi, who is affiliated with US intelligence and holds its nationality, said that five members of the presidential office had submitted a request that included a comprehensive reconciliation with Anssar allah movement, He pointed out that the five members are Tariq Saleh, Sultan Al-Aradah, Rashad Al-Alimi, Abdullah Al-Alimi and Faraj Al-Bahsani. The rest of the three members, Al-Zubaidi, Al-Muharrami and Othman Majali, also rejected the reconciliation.

Al-Salahi did not reveal more details in his tweet in which he attacked the five members. He also did not reveal the secret of Othman Majali’s insistence on rejecting reconciliation that would restore Yemen’s unity and stability, and whether it reflects his fears of the end of the war, which put him at the forefront of the scene, compared to Muharrami and Al-Zubaidi, who support the secession of the south.

These unprecedented developments reflect the conviction of Presidential Council members on the necessity of reconciliation to end the state of division fueled by regional and international parties in order to seize Yemen’s capabilities and wealth.

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