Sheikh Al-Huraizi Declares Direct War on ‘Saudi Occupation’ in Mahra

Head of the sit-in committee in Mahra province, Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, on Thursday confirmed that the next stage of the national struggle is the most dangerous, and the confrontation with the Saudi occupation and its mercenaries will be direct.

During his meeting with leaders of the peaceful sit-in committee in Qeshn district and a number of social figures in the district, Sheikh al-Huraizi affirmed that the people of Mahra province are able to win and thwart all narrow projects, calling everyone to prepare for the next stage.

He pointed out that Mahra had become strong and that the time of humiliation and weakness had passed.

“The people of Al-Mahra reject the return of their province to what was before the year 90,” he said, stressing that the situation in Yemen in general is very dangerous due to the presence of foreign occupation.

Sheikh Al-Huraizi indicated that the free people of Mahra and Yemen have thwarted many foreign plans and conspiracies against Yemen, and the sit-in committee has become a school for all free people in the struggle against the occupying arrogance.

He ridiculed the so-called “Saudi reconstruction” project, which promoted about the opening of Al-Ghaydah Airport dozens of times, pointing out that everyone knows that the airport is still a military barracks and prisons.

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