Yemeni Parliament Condemns “Bias” of UN Envoy

The Presidency of Yemen’s Parliament in Sana’a, on Tuesday, denounced the bias of the UN envoy to Yemen, and his failure to adopt the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people.

During its meeting, the Parliament’s Presidency also denounced the contradiction of the Security Council and the United Nations and ignoring Yemen’s demands.

It pointed out that the demand to pay the salaries of employees is legitimate and not impossible as the coalition sees it, nor extremist as the United Nations says, nor bargaining as described by America, because it is an acquired right and Yemen did not demand payment from the Saudi treasury, but from Yemen’s oil and gas wealth that has been looting in the last eight years ago, which is supplied to the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.

“They called for peace that meets the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people. “The looting of Yemen’s wealth has to stop and the economic situation and stability must be giving priority along with State employees’ salaries payment,” the Presidency demanded.

It explained that the Saudi coalition and its loyal forces had previously adhered to these demands without fulfilling them, following the announcement of the transfer of the powers of the Central Bank of Yemen to Aden.

In its meeting, the Presidency of the Parliament reiterated its warning to the Saudi coalition and its tools against wasting opportunities to achieve peace, and trying to continue intransigence and circumvent the terms of expanding the truce.

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