Suspending Yemeni Oil Sales for Benefit of Aden Government

The coalition suspended on Sunday, the sale of Yemeni oil shipments for the benefit of Aden government, this coincides with the continuation of negotiations on wealth and salaries within the efforts to extend the armistice and push for a comprehensive peace process.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in Maeen government stated that the coalition directed to prevent the entry of oil transport ships to the export ports in eastern Yemen, noting that a Greek tanker was planning to dock at Dabbah oil port in Hadramout on the twelfth of this month, before changing its course towards the Gulf ports.

Officials at Al-Nashmiyah port in Shabwah also decided to postpone the entry of a transport ship to load a new shipment.

According to the sources, the decision to stop sales of oil shipments is part of attempts to succeed in ongoing negotiations to extend the armistice and to avoid Sanaa’s reaction to any step, especially after its forces sent warnings to the oil companies operating in the oil fields and transport ships.

Sana’a requires the allocation of Yemeni oil and gas sales to pay the salaries of state employees in accordance with the strategy used in the pre-2014 budget, and the oil covered more than 70% of the budget, especially salaries.

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