October Revolution Ignites Disagreements between Saudi and Emirati Factions

The anniversary of the 14th of October Revolution ignited on Saturday, new disputes within the wings of STC, which calls for the secession of southern Yemen.

Fadel Al-Jaadi, a member of the STC Presidency council, denied the revolution that started from Radfan Hills, indicating that it is no longer important.

Al-Jaadi is one of the most prominent hawks in the transitional council. Al-Jaadi was commenting on the event that took place in southern provinces, most notably Lahij.

Nasser Al-Khubaji, a member of STC presidency, responded immediately from Lahij criticizing the underestimation on the revolution, calling for its revival as an extension to the sacrifices of the Yemeni national and labor movement against the British invasion and occupation.

Al-Khubaji stressed the need for the revolution to continue as a mass, popular and elitist act in all fields until a better condition for the people is reached without corruption and terrorism.

The differences between the two wings cast a shadow over Aden, dozens of the city’s residents demonstrated in the streets of the province, only a day after the transitional factions carried out a campaign of arrests in several provinces for participants in the revival of the event, most notably the island of Socotra.

Al-Khabaji is one of the most prominent currents affiliated with Riyadh and he adopted the October anniversary event this year in conjunction with UAE forces’ assumption of security duties in Aden, it indicates that it has a regional agenda related to the conflict between the two allies. Meanwhile, Al-Jaadi and the Emirates Movement are trying to slow down the momentum of the anniversary to limit the provocation of Abu Dhabi.

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