Aden: STC Forces Storm the Presidential Council and Government Headquarters

The factions of the Transitional Council, which calls for the secession of southern Yemen, stormed, on Saturday, the residence of the Presidential Council members and the government in the city of Aden.

This coincides with the coalition’s arrangements to restore the authority loyal to it in the city.

Abdullah Lamlas, the former Minister of Education in the Ma’in government, revealed that members of the Transitional Council stormed the federation Hall in AlMa’ashiq Palace and tore up the Yemeni media.

The raid came on the eve of Maeen government arrangement to an event commemorating the 14th of October, and a number of its members are still abroad.

Although the elements of the transitional justified the storming by preventing the raising of Yemen flag raised by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi in his office inside the palace, however, the timing of the storming carried, according to observers, a clear message to the Presidential Council and Maeen government, especially since it coincides with the arrangement of the coalition that handed over AlMa’asheq insurance file to Emirati forces, to return the members of the council  to the palace after they were expelled by STC and imposed conditions for their return.

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