EU Parliamentarian Denounces International Double Standards on Yemen and Ukraine

European Parliament member Clare Daly denounced during a session held in the European Parliament to vote on increasing arms supplies to Ukraine, the imbalance of the standards of many countries of the world and the paradox of their attitudes towards wars, including the war on Yemen.

“It is funny that those who demand to arm Ukraine never demand to arm the Palestinian or Yemeni people,” she said. Considering this as an “imbalance of standards and balances.”

The Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, Yahya Ali al-Ra’I, praised these “honorable and frank stances. Expressing in a letter sent to the Ireland’s representative in the European Parliament, Clare Daly, and her fellow Irish independent parliamentarian, Mick Wallace, appreciation to the two Irish parliamentarians’ courageous stances expressing the awakening of human conscience. The Parliament Speaker expressed his thanks to every free and fair voice that stands in defense of the oppressed peoples yearning for freedom and justice, especially the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples, who have suffered greatly due to the imbalance of international balances and the political tyranny of double standards.

The Speaker of parliament explained that the rise in these votes in the Irish Parliament and before that in the French and British parliaments, among others, “Confirms the growing global awareness, this is an indication that heralds the establishment of a global parliamentary bloc that will pressurize to lift injustice and end the era of hegemony and arrogance in the world, to get Yemen out of the isolation cycle and collective punishment.”

He said that Parliament addressed the international community in earlier times about double standards and warned of their effects, asking them to review those policies, he exposed what he described as “the practice of terrorism with an international cover under the pressure of global hegemony and arrogance countries, America and its allies, and stop passing this through the United Nations, the European Parliament, or the so-called Arab Parliament.”

Al-Ra’i commented in his letter on the statements of US envoy to Yemen (Tim Lenderking) regarding Sanaa’s demands to extend the armistice, saying: “Is the demands to stop the aggression, end the siege and stop looting the wealth of Yemeni people impossible?”.  He called for pressure on the coalition to lift the siege and stop “looting its oil and gas resources, and harnessing its revenues to pay the salaries of state employees and improve services.”

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