Abyan: Death Toll from Al-Qaeda Attacks Increases to Six Dead

The death toll from al-Qaeda attacks, which targeted Emirati-funded militia members in Abyan province, south of Yemen, has risen to six dead.

A military spokesman for Al-Amaliqa Brigades” militia in Abyan axis, Mohammed al-Naqib, confirmed in a press statement carried by Reuters that six recruits were killed or two others wounded in the terrorist bombing that took place in Mudiyah district.

“The attack took place on the main road in Mudiyah district, east of the province, after two explosive devices, which were planted by al-Qaeda militants, exploded while a military vehicle passing through the area,” Al-Naqib explained.

Earlier, media sources affiliated with the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) said that four recruits were killed and three others wounded, when two explosive devices exploded at the entrance to Wadi Omaran in the district.

The sources added that the terrorist elements returned to booby-trapped the highway from Mudiyah to Wadi Omran. This terrorist attack was the first targeting UAE militias in Abyan this month, following attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda last month that killed dozens of recruits.

On Sept. 18, the STC announced its militias had taken full control of the strategic camp “Omaran”, the largest stronghold of “Al-Qaeda” in Abyan, about a month after it announced the start of a military operation to combat “terrorist organizations” in the province.

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