New York: Yemenis Celebrate Prophet’s Birthday Anniversary

The Yemeni community in the state of New York, USA, on Sunday celebrated the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday (peace and blessings be upon him).

At the ceremony, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, Mohammed al-Zubidi, and the social official of the community, Yassin al-Abadi, stressed the need to follow the biography of the Holy Prophet and reject discrimination and hostility among the members of the Islamic Ummah.

Al-Zubidi and Abadi called on the Yemeni people to unite ranks against the enemies of the nation and to stand firm on the path of combating all hostile projects that target the homeland as a land and a human being.

On the occasion, a number of words were delivered that expressed the status and greatness of the Prophet of mercy and humanity, Mohammad, PBUH, in the hearts of Yemenis.

They considered this celebration as an educational station, to provide the meanings and values that the Holy Prophet brought, and an opportunity to draw lessons from his fragrant biography.

The event included chanting paragraphs, religious verses and poems expressing the occasion.

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