American Mobilization in the Gulf States

The United States has started a new movement in the Gulf in an attempt to avoid the repercussions of the failure of the truce in Yemen, coinciding with the escalation of the confrontation amid fears of overstepping the borders.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

US State Department announced the start of a new tour by the envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, in the region. Lenderking met earlier today with UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed. He is also expected to meet Omani and Saudi officials.

The US envoy had announced at the end of last week the suspension of negotiations, describing Sana’a’s demands as “impossible.” He pushed his country towards an international escalation that emerged with the recent statement of the Security Council and adding a number of Sana’a leaders to the list of international sanctions.

The movement of the new US envoy came after an unprecedented popular parade in Yemen witnessed by the Sanaa-controlled areas on the anniversary of the birth, which experts considered it a referendum on an expected military escalation.

The United States preceded the envoy’s latest tour with high-level warnings, the latest of which was issued by US Defense Spokesman Pat Ryder, that alluded to the approaching date of Sana’a attacks on Saudi Arabia and UAE.

the American envoy’s start of his tour from the Emirates indicates fears that Abu Dhabi will be subjected to new attacks, especially since the tour coincides with the escalation of confrontations between the forces of Sana’a and the factions affiliated with Abu Dhabi in southern Yemen.

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