Impossible Conditions Blow up Negotiations to Extend Armistice, America Beating War Drums

Negotiations to extend the armistice collapsed on Wednesday, after they were on the verge of achieving new progress. This comes as the coalition continues to set impossible conditions related to salaries.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:
Diplomatic sources reported that efforts to extend the truce had reached a dead end, despite recent regional and international mediations, it pointed out that differences over the salaries of army and security in the areas controlled by “Houthis” were complicated by the coalition’s demand to separate the file from the negotiations to extend the current truce. Link it to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
Sana’a requires that all salaries be paid to all state employees, including civilians, military and retirees, it submitted a waiver of salary arrears for disbursement, as well as the statements of 2014. Meanwhile, the coalition and its successor, the United States, are trying to circumvent the development of certain lists of employees whose salaries are being paid.
US State Department revealed earlier that the list will include teachers and doctors, the list will be expanded later to include contractors only, disputes continue over the nature of the currency in which salaries are paid, as Sana’a stresses the need to exchange them in hard currency, in order to improve the living conditions of people whose salaries have been suspended for six years.
In addition, the United States suspended, on Wednesday, negotiations to officially extend the armistice in Yemen, in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s decision to reduce oil production, which threatens the outbreak of war again.
US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, announced in a press conference, rejecting Sanaa’s demands for salary payments that he described as “impossible.” He pointed out that the scenario of a return to war is now in place.
With Linderking, whose country leads an international movement to extend the armistice, announcing the rejection of Sana’a’s demands, the negotiations to extend the armistice have effectively ended, especially in light of reports on US warnings to its citizens in the Gulf to take measures for upcoming air attacks.
He described Sanaa’s legitimate demands as “impossible” by United States, indicating that they are deliberate and aim to complicate negotiations. In terms of timing, it refers to an American effort to blow up the situation, especially since the decision to close the negotiations and link them to a future tour by Linderking coincided with Saudi Arabia’s decision to proceed with Russia’s policy of reducing oil production, despite the warnings that preceded OPEC meeting by Biden administration, which intensified its contacts with Saudi officials, according to US reports, to avoid the significant decline, which will boost global oil prices, this is avoided by US administration, which is currently seeking to reduce fuel prices. Earlier, Reuters considered the decision to cut production by about two million barrels per day, as a blow to the Democrats in the midterm elections.
It appears in terms of timing that United States is counting on missile strikes by “Houthis” targeting the strategic facilities of Saudi Arabia and UAE in order to change the equation regionally, especially since the United States was keen to extend the armistice for motives related to securing energy transmission lines between Gulf states and the West in the hope of lowering their costs.

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