Saudi Suspicions on American Intentions to Strangle It in Yemen

Saudi Arabia questioned American intentions on Wednesday, regarding Bab al-Mandeb, this comes in the wake of statements by US State Department expressing concern over the closure of the most important sea port for the export of Saudi oil to Asian markets.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Saudi expert close to the decision-making center in the Kingdom, Suleiman Al-Aqili, considered the statements of the US State Department regarding Bab Al-Mandeb, as a call to those he described as “Houthis” to impose more conditions to put pressure on the coalition, in new statements, the US State Department expressed its fears of moving the battle to Bab al-Mandeb.

US statements came in the wake of Sana’a forces warning of oil ships and foreign companies operating in Saudi Arabia and UAE and its demand to quickly leave those countries in light of the failure of efforts to extend the armistice.

Although America is trying to throw all its cards to prevent the failure of armisitc extension and saving Saudi Arabia from the quagmire of war, which the data confirms will be different this time, however, it is already trying to blow up the situation in Bab al-Mandab in order to internationalize its safety, especially in light of Saudi Arabia’s refusal to engage in the new power formed by America there, it includes 63 countries, including Israel, and is expected to activate its operations this month.

Bab al-Mandab is one of the most important shipping lanes around the world, as nearly 40% of the world’s imports of fuel from the Gulf States pass through it. Specifically, Saudi Arabia, which is one of the largest oil exporters in the world, and its internationalization by the American achieves two goals, strangling China, which is a strategic corridor on the New Silk Road and keeping Saudi Arabia fleeing from American blackmail in the Strait of Hormuz under American-Israeli protection.

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