Riyadh Fails to Establish Direct Contact with Sana’a

Diplomatic sources revealed that the Saudi authority requested, through mediators, to organize contact between the leadership in Riyadh and its counterparts in Sana’a, hours after the end of the armistice and the failure to reach a new agreement for an extended armistice.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

According to the sources, Sanaa responded to the mediators that its demands are clear and public, no communication required. It is not in its dictionary to conclude secret deals at the expense of Yemeni demands.

This attempt failed, as the information suggests, however, the attempts to mediate with Sana’a not to start implementing the military option and to continue negotiations to extend the truce, including a European call that came hours after the Saudi request, he was between the European Union Coordinator for Political Affairs and the head of Sana’a delegation for consultations.

According to a statement by Abd al-Salam, Sana’a confirmed its “known position that the salaries of all employees and the pensions of retirees must be paid, ending arbitrary restrictions on the ports of Hodeida and Sana’a airport, the aggression countries bear the responsibility for thwarting the truce and exacerbating the human suffering of our dear people.”

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