More Offers to Expand Truce, Sana’a Adheres to four conditions

International proposals continued on Monday, in succession, in an attempt to save the truce in Yemen. This comes with the passage of the first day after its official end.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Saleh regime, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, revealed a new initiative that includes disbursing salaries within a month, and processing revenue sources expand the scope of the exchange to include the public sector and retirees, in addition to operating Marib station and facilitating the movement of citizens.

The new proposal is part of several initiatives put forward during the last period of the armistice period most notably the international initiative and American amendments, but it did not reach an agreement to extend the truce, which expired on the second of October.

In this context, Brigadier General Abdullah Amer, Deputy Director of the Moral Guidance Department, affirmed Sanaa’s adherence to four basic conditions regarding salaries. Most notably, the commitment to the continuity of salary payments, employee rights in interrupted salaries, full disclosure of 2014 employees especially retirees, defense and interior, to be exchanged in hard currency.

Brigadier General bin Amer considered the coalition’s attempt to disburse salaries in the recently printed currency with the aim of destroying the Yemeni economy.

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