UAE Loots Large Quantities of Raw Gold from Hadramout

The UAE had looted large quantities of raw gold from “Mayfa’ Hajar” gold mine in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, informed sources in the province reported.

The southern leader, Adel Al-Hasani, wrote on Twitter Thursday, quoting one of the officials who was overthrown by the Saudi-led coalition, “whose name was not mentioned”, that the UAE is looting raw gold from the Mayfa’ Hajar mountain mine and transporting it via tankers to the port of Mukalla, the capital of the province.

The UAE transports raw gold from one of the sites classified as gold mines in Mayfa’ Hajar near Mukalla coast and other sites to Abu Dhabi to be smelted and sold in the UAE market.

Head of the Diaspora Committee in the so-called “All-Inclusive Hadramout Conference,” human rights activist Khadija al-Ajili, stated that the “M3” mine annually produces more than 488,000 ounces of gold, considering the quantity as a small part of major operations that are looted from Hadramout.

The “Al-Natisha Wadi Mudan” mine, west of Mukalla in Hadramout, which is under the control of the “Hadrami Elite” militia, loyal to the UAE, is considered one of the largest gold mines in Yemen.

There are five gold mines in Hadramout, all of which are being looted by the UAE and a Turkish company, as well as companies owned by leaders affiliated with the Islah Party, while the state treasury does not benefit from those mines.

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