New Saudi Military Deployment Reported on Socotra Island

Yemen’s Socotra Island on Saturday has witnessed a new Saudi military deployment, Yemen News Portal, citing media sources.

According to the sources, Saudi forces surrounded Socotra airport and forced the militants affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia to leave the airport. The sources expected the arrival of a senior Saudi delegation.

Last weekend, a Saudi ship unloaded a new shipment of weapons and military equipment at the island’s port.

The motives for the new Saudi move on the island, which is already under the control of the Saudi-UAE coalition, whether it is part of arrangements to strengthen military deployment on the islands or for security reasons.

However, the Saudi moves coincidence with Iran’s announcement of its intention to hold new exercises in the region with the participation of other countries such as Pakistan, Russia and China indicate that they are among international moves.

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