UAE Establishes Military Airport in Mocha

UAE forces have established a military airport near the Bab al-Mandab Strait, west of Taiz province, YPA reported on Thursday.

Taiz governor, backed by the Saudi-led coalition, Nabil Shamsan recently admitted the establishment of the military airport for UAE forces in Mocha port, which was completed by the leader of the Emirati-funded factions, Tariq Afash.

Shamsan claimed on Twitter on Wednesday that Mocha Airport would be a landing strip for planes carrying the people of Taiz coming from outside.

The UAE is seeking to control the strategic camps established by Islah Party in the areas of Al-Hujariya and Al-Mafer, which overlook the coasts of Mocha and Bab Al-Mandab, after the assassination of the commander of the UAE’s 35th Armored Brigade, Adnan Al-Hammadi, in early December 2019.

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