Names and Specifications of Strategic Weapons Revealed by Sana’a

Sana’a forces revealed new missiles, naval and air systems during a major military parade organized in the capital, Sana’a, on Wednesday morning.

The weapons systems varied between ballistic missiles, winged missiles, and drones. Boats, naval mines, in addition to air and naval defense systems.

Among the weapons, that Sana’a unveiled:

Defense systems

  • Sana’a forces revealed on Wednesday, new defense systems, this came during a military parade in Sana’a on the anniversary of “September 21 Revolution.”
  • Among the systems that were displayed are six ballistic and winged missile systems, in addition to another type of land – land and land – sea.
  • Among those missiles are “Karrar, Falq, and Karrar alba’as alshadied.” In addition to the “Red Sea and Ocean” missiles, as well as, the first-generation Saqr one air defense missile system.
  • The parade included three models of naval mines and a new Hell-Home destroyer drone.
  • This time, Sanaa reveals this type of weapon, and its timing confirms the strengthening of the defensive capabilities of its forces.

Missile power:

  • Badr 2 missile is a second-generation, short-range, solid-fueled Badr missile
  • Badr 3 missile is a third generation of the Badr missiles, a medium-range, solid-fueled missile
  • “Hatim” ballistic missile، a fourth generation of Badr missiles، is a long-range، solid-fueled missile.
  • “Karrar” ballistic missile, with a range of 300 km, operates on solid fuel with an intelligent guidance system, and its warhead weighs half a ton.
  • “Quds-3”, winged, long-range, liquid-fueled cruise missile, it is distinguished by its ability to hide from radar detection
  • “Falaq” ballistic missile, a long-range liquid-fueled missile, and it carries several heads.

Naval force:

  • “Red Sea” missile, developed from Sa’ir missile, operates with two thermal and radar systems, and is characterized by its high speed
  • “Moheet” missile, developed from Qaher-2M missile, works on solid and liquid fuels and is characterized by its practical ability in all weather conditions.
  • Asif missile is a domestically made solid-fuel missile with an intelligent guidance and control system, and the warhead weight exceeds half a ton.
  • Navigator boats, Asif 1, Asif 2, Asif 3, Tooufan 1, Toufan 2, Toufan 3, they are characterized by their high speed and ability to maneuver, and carry a variety of weapons and offensive and defensive missions against fixed or moving targets
  • New sea mines of Massjor 1, Massjor 2, and Thaqeb

Air Force and Air Defense

  • “Mearaj” missile, developed from Badr-1-P missile, operates on solid fuel, has two thermal and radar systems, and is not affected by interference
  • “Saqr” missile, it has a speed of up to 200 meters per second
  • Three systems: “Sadiq” and “Haidar”, P-19 radar, which are detection and tracking systems for hostile targets
  • Hijack 2 aircraft, equipped with a target sensing system, performs offensive tactical missions, and is used against vehicles and armored vehicles.
  • Mersad 2, a reconnaissance aircraft, takes off vertically, and has the ability to fly for 8 hours.
  • An armored vehicle “Hani” in memory of martyr Hani Tomer, it is offensive and defensive characterized by flexibility in movement, speed and engagement.

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