Houthis Confirm Sana’a Forces’ Readiness to Fight Wider Battles

Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs in Sana’a government, Lieutenant-General Jalal Al-Rowaishan, affirmed on Wednesday the readiness of the Yemeni armed forces today to engage in wider battles.

Al-Ruwaishan told Al-Masirah TV that the Sana’a forces sent a message through military parades to be ready to defend the country at the highest levels.

“Yemen is facing ‘an aggression’ that only understands the language of force, and the level of deterrence reached by the armed forces is enough to stop the war and end the siege,” he said.

“The weapons of the armed forces achieve a balance of terror with the “enemy”,” Al-Ruwaishan added. The security of Yemen today is an influential factor in regional and international security.”

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