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Shabwah Province witnessed, on Wednesday, new tension between Islah and its opponents supported by UAE.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Those close to the governor of the conference, Awad Ibn Al-Wazir, accused Islah of orchestrating the assassination attempt on the Special Security Forces staff, Brigadier General Nasser Al-Khulaifi.

Al-Khulaifi’s car ambushed in Khamer area, east of Ataq. “Unknown persons” attacked Al-Khelaifi’s car, according to tribal sources, causing him moderate injuries.

Al-Khulaifi appointed by the governor, Ibn al-Wazir, as an alternative to Islah, within the framework of attempts to tighten the governor’s grip on the military arm of “Brotherhood.”

He did not take up his position until now.

Al-Khulaifi’s targeting coincided with STC’s gunmen and others affiliated with the governor of Shabwah intercepting Al-Huthili’s oil locomotives, affiliated with Islah and Ali Mohsen, near the oil fields in Al-Uqlah and preventing them from passing to Marib.

The objection to oil locomotives came days after Islah was accused of looting fuel locomotives for Ataq Electricity in Marib by allowing them to be used by tribes.

The recent developments may further complicate the relationship between the governor, who is close to STC, and Islah, whose forces have recently withdrawn and stresses the need to dismiss the governor as a condition for the return to the presidential authority.

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