Al-Huraizi Exposes Relationship between ‘Saudi Arabia and Daesh

Head of the sit-in committee in Mahra province, Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, revealed that there is strong connection between the Saudi regime and criminal organization Daesh.

Al-Huraizi explained, in a video published on Twitter, how the Saudi regime dispatched one of its intelligence officers and his wife to Mahra and appointed him as the leader of the organization in the “Arab Peninsula.”

Al-Huraizi said that the so-called Rageh Bakrit rented a house for the Saudi officer and his wife in Mahra, on the grounds that he is the official of Daesh in the Arabian Peninsula.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia informed the Saudi officer, two months later, that it would raid the house through special forces and British soldiers, and that it would announce that it had arrested the “emir of Daesh in the Arabian Peninsula.”

Sheikh Al-Huraizi noted, “After a while, we discover that he is a Saudi intelligence officer and his wife, we got the officer’s name, and we have evidence of this.”

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