New Yemeni Antiquities Sold in London

The sale of pieces of Yemeni antiquities continues, through public auctions, at a time when specialists described these operations as “a depletion and looting of Yemeni history”, althawranews reported on Sunday.

A Yemeni researcher specializing in antiquities, Abdullah Mohsen, revealed that an auction held today, Sunday, in the English capital, London, for a group of Yemeni ancient gold ornaments in the “Timeline” auction.

The researcher said in a post on his Facebook page that last Friday’s auction ended with the sale of all the exhibits.

He added Today, Sunday, the Timeline auction will be held at The Mayfair Hotel (London) and it will display antique gold ornaments from the effects of Yemen.

Mohsen pointed out that he “believes that the dose that was presented, during this period, of publications on antiquities auctions is sufficient to deliver a message to the government, its embassies, interested organizations and activists.”

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