Sana’a: Coalition Thwarted All Agreements on Exchange of Prisoners

Head of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs in Sana’a, Abdul Qader Al-Mortada, told the United Nations on Saturday the committee’s readiness to implement the prisoners’ file agreement in full and rejected any selectivity.

Al-Mrtada affirmed in a news statement that the coalition forces currently try to free several the Saudi prisoners and a number of leaders who are released in Sana’a, in an exchange deal, to postpone the rest of the agreement to another stage, in a clear circumvention of the agreement.

“About six months ago, specifically from the beginning of the first truce under the auspices of the United Nations, we witnessed, unfortunately, almost complete stagnation of the file of prisoners at the local and international levels, at a time when we hoped that the truce period would witness a complete breakthrough for this humanitarian file,” he added.

He explained, “Despite our signing with the coalition forces and an agreement in March of this year, which is stipulating an exchange of more than 2,200 prisoners from both sides, the intransigence and obstruction by the coalition forces prevented its implementation.”

He pointed out that the coalition forces, in addition to their failure to implement the UN agreement, also stopped all exchanges that had been agreed upon locally.

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