Number of Victims of Mines, Cluster Bombs Remnants Reach 324 Citizens

The Executive Center for Mine Action in Sana’a has stated that the total number of victims of mines and cluster bombs amounted to 324 citizens, including 108 martyrs and 216 wounded.

Cluster bombs had the largest share in the numbers of casualties as a result of the wide spread due to air raids, as they caused the death of 18 citizens and the injury of 57 others.

The death toll from mines and bombs left by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has increased since the beginning of the Yemeni truce last April 2, as a result of the return of many citizens to their areas and villages, while the Saudi-led coalition continues to prevent the introduction of detectors.

In the context, Dr. Anis Al-Asbahi, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the National Salvation Government, said in a tweet on the “Twitter” platform: “For nearly six months since the truce began and the victims of cluster bombs are increasing without providing any treatments in this file, or even providing necessary tools to clean the areas of these war remnants.”

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