Three Displaced Families Kidnapped in Marib

A human rights official in Marib province revealed that the Islah militants had kidnapped three displaced families from the Abu Saad family from al-Jouba district, Marib province.

“The Islah party militants raided a camp for displaced people in Wadi Obeida about two months ago and arrested Hussein Ahmed Aylouq Abu Saad and his sons, Ali Abdullah Saleh Abu Saad, his daughter and nephew Mohammed Saleh Abu Saad,” the source told Sana’a-based Saba news agency.

The official pointed out that the Islah militia hid the detainees from their families and prevented their visits, as they were subjected to psychological and physical torture, and their fate is still unknown until this moment.

He stated that the Islah militia refuses to refer the file of the kidnapped to the prosecution and the judiciary, after it was accused of communicating with the Salafi leader Abdul Razzaq Al-Baqama before his assassination.

The official called on human rights and humanitarian organizations to take urgent action and put pressure on Al-Islah militia loyal to the Saudi-led coalition to reveal the fate of the kidnapped and allow their families to visit them and release them.

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