Including Salaries, US Launches a New Initiative to Extend Truce in Yemen

The United States of America on Saturday offered Sana’a to expand the armistice in Yemen.

The US State Department revealed in a statement that its envoy, Tim Lenderking, is visiting the region to market a new initiative.

“Lenderking’s visit aims to expand the truce, noting that expanding the truce will achieve tangible benefits, including the payment of civil servants’ salaries and the opening of Sana’a Airport to new destinations,” according to the statement of the US State Department.

On Thursday, the US envoy began a tour that included the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. The visit came on the eve of the escalation of tension in Yemen, with the coalition preventing the entry of oil derivatives to the port of Hodeida, amid threats of an appropriate response from Sana’a.

The US statements carry messages in an attempt to calm Sana’a, which has vowed not to extend the truce if it does not include the payment of salaries.

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