A Saudi Attempt to Repeal Armistice Agreements

Saudi Arabia is working to repudiate the armistice agreements and return discussions to the zero point, by detaining nine oil derivative ships, which is a complete coup against the current truce that was supposed to cross into an expanded truce, it was agreed to include the payment of employees ’salaries and the expansion of Sana’a airport flights and a larger number of ships to Hodeida port.

According to a statement by Oil Company in Sana’a, the coalition, since the beginning of August, when the truce extension was announced, did not allowed oil derivatives ship to enter, and the detained number of ships so far has reached nine.

Through this situation, Saudi Arabia seeks to reduce the ceiling of Sanaa’s claims, and return it to zero square to demand the release of ships, but this bet is wrong, according to observers. Sana’a insists that all its demands be fulfilled without division. It will not stand idly by, as it has repeatedly declared, to take its right in another way.

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