Al-Wadea’a Border Crossing Closed in Anticipation of Attack

The Land Transport Authority of the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition has issued directives to suddenly close the Al-Wadea’a border crossing between Yemen and Saudi Arabia to travelers.

Activists on social media circulated what they said a circular issued by the pro-coalition transport authority, in which it called on international transport companies to stop trips through the Al-Wadea’a crossing, starting from tomorrow, Thursday, until next Sunday.

Activists suggested that the reason for this decision was due to the implementation of a military operation to enable the “Hadrami Elite” militia loyal to the UAE to control the points and sites of the Islah Party-affiliated “141st Brigade” led by Hashim al-Ahmar, who is under house arrest in Aden.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia redeployed the Islah militants during the past two days in a number of locations in Al-Abr area, after the UAE-backed militias have recently imposed its control over Al-Khasha’a junction located at the crossroads between Al-Wadea’a crossing and Hadramout province.

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