Rate of Birth Defects Increased during War on Yemen

Health minister in Sana’a government, Taha Al-Mutawakel, said that the rates of malformations in fetuses and the number of premature infants has increased in recent years, noting that this came as a result of the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s using internationally prohibited weapons in its war on Yemen.

Al-Mutawakel mentioned in the “First Conference of Infertility Treatment in Men and Women,” said, the coalition’s priority in Yemen is genocide.” and to destroy the foundation base in society the children, and killing, mutilation of fetuses in the wombs of mothers with all kinds of prohibited weapons with the aim of eliminating the human renaissance in Yemen.”

The Minister of Health said that they are keen to preserve the births, in terms of providing equipment and capacity building, “It was not until the year 2018 AD, that there were 94 nurseries, and today there are more than 500 nurseries, of which 130 are in AlSabeen Hospital for Maternity and Childhood.”

The organization of Health ministry in Sana’a, “the first conference to treat infertility in men and women using modern methods,” will last for two days, and “more than 500 participants, including specialists, consultants, and students of the board,” participated in it. It aims to “discuss the latest global methods used to treat infertility in spouses.” Dissemination of new concepts and methods for defining infertility, and discussing the most important causes of it, how to avoid it, and modern treatment steps,” according to “Saba news Agency.”

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