Clashes Erupted in Oil Fields of Hadramout


The oil areas in Wadi Hadramout witnessed on Saturday, confrontations between the forces of the First Military Region and the militias of the tribes loyal to the transitional, in a move that, in terms of timing, indicates to an explosion on the situation.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Tribal sources reported that fire exchange with medium weapons broke out during the past hours near Ruwaihat oil field. Referring to the bombing by the forces of the First Military District, the villages of the tribes in Wadi Ammad.

The motives for the confrontations that were preceded by the transitional supporters threatening to storm the oil fields are not known yet, after besieging it and blocking the exit of  locomotives, however, these confrontations coincided with news of an expected decision to dismiss the commander of the first military region, indicating that the region is heading towards an outbreak of military confrontations, especially after the appearance of the leader of these factions affiliated with Islah and Ali Mohsen earlier, waving to refuse his dismiss.