US Drones Fleet Deploy in Yemen

The United States recently confirmed the deployment of dozens of systems for launching drones off the Yemeni coast.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with the growing activity of American battleships in the territorial waters of Yemen.

The commander of US Fifth Fleet, which is based in Bahrain, Charles Bradford Cooper, in an interview published by Bahraini Al-Ayyam newspaper, said that his country is currently focusing on deploying 100 advanced unmanned platforms by 2023, to ensure what he described as the protection of maritime navigation in the area, noting that the goal is to monitor any destabilizing activity in the area.

The American general stressed that his country is currently focusing its efforts to secure the region, which he described as “the fuel of the world.” Noting that it has started forming the joint duty forces currently led by his country since last February, its leadership may move to a regional state in October, in reference to Israel.

Cooper’s statements coincide with the escalation of US warships activity inside the territorial waters of Yemen.

Last week, the destroyer USS Gates entered the eastern coast of Yemen, this was followed by a directive for the Yemeni Coast Guard forces to withdraw from the coast of Al-Mahrah. While units of US Marines appeared in the districts of Hadhramaut coast.

The moves indicate that United States is trying to intensify its military presence in Yemeni waters, fearing of sudden developments in light of the conflict with Russia; US papers with its all weight may push to close Yemen file, with a comprehensive agreement.

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