Sana’a Unveil New Armored Vehicle ” BAAS 2″

The Ministry of Interior in Sana’a government announced on Sunday the strengthening of the security system with a new weapon that will enter service in the coming days.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Abdulkhaleq Al-Ajri, said on Sunday unveiled the new armored vehicle “BAAS 2” that will enter service in the coming days.

Brigadier General Al-Ajri said, in a press statement, that the “BAAS 2” armored vehicle was locally manufactured and equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, and it will be a great source of support for the security men, and a deterrent to anyone who seeks to harm the security and stability of the country.

The spokesman indicated that the BAAS 2 armored vehicle comes two years after the launch of work with the “BAAS 1” armored vehicles, which was announced by the Ministry in December 2020.

Al-Ajri praised the efforts of the Security Manufacturing Unit, which comes in response to the implementation of the revolutionary leadership’s directives, and in fulfillment of the motto of the martyr Al-Samad (a hand builds and a hand protects).

He stressed that the Ministry of Interior is moving forward in development, industrialization and construction until achieving self-sufficiency.

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