STC Prepares to Move Battle with “Islah” to Al- Mahra

The UAE-backed Southern Translation Council (STC) has officially announced preparations for a decisive battle against Islah forces in Mahra province, eastern Yemen.

This coincided with the Islah militants’ attempt to pre-empt the STC in Mahra by issuing some changes in the ministry of interior’s leaders in the strategic provinces.

The president of the General Assembly of the STC, Ahmed Ben Brik, said their forces would not stop at taking control of Shabwa and Abyan provinces.

Ben Brik said in a tweet on Twitter that the STC’s forces will soon move to expel what he described as terrorist groups from Hadramout and Mahra, in a clear reference to arrangements to launch a large-scale military operation to expel Islah militants in the east of the country, and push the confrontations south of Hadramout to Mahra.

The threats come as the STC launched a large-scale military operation in Abyan province similar to the battle of Shabwa, as part of an Emirati campaign to eradicate Islah party from the entire scene.

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