Shabwah: 150 Oil Wells Being Looted Daily by Saudi Coalition

Yemeni media revealed on Tuesday, the total number of oil wells in Shabwah province, which is subjected to daily looting by the coalition and facilitated by the government of “Maeen Abdul Malik”.

According to the means, including the “September 21” website, the total number of wells that are subjected to daily looting has reached (150) oil wells, distributed over the various regions and directorates of Shabwah province.

The means indicate that what it called “the coalition brokers” has restarted an Old Russian pipeline; it extends to the port of Balhaf with the intention of smuggling oil from most of these wells.

Media confirm that all of this is done under the direct supervision and knowledge of senior officials in the government of “Maeen” Abdul Malik loyal to the coalition.

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