One million Palm Trees Destroyed in Hajjah and Hodeidah

Ministry of Agriculture in Sana’a government accused the Saudi-led coalition of burning and destruction of nearly one million palm trees in Hajjah and Hodeidah.

An official source told Althawra newspaper, Thursday, that the siege on fuel led to farmers’ reluctance to farm, and caused a significant decline in agricultural crops.

According to the Statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Sana’a, the local production of dates and the quantity imported from abroad annually.

The statistic stated that the local production of dates amounted to more than 27 thousand tons annually, while Yemen imports more than 46 thousand tons of dates, with a value of more than seven billion riyals.

The source indicated that the most prominent beneficiary of the bill for importing dates is Saudi Arabia, and the Yemeni farmer is the first with these amounts.

The source confirmed that more than two million date palms in Yemen can cover the import bill if investment and attention to municipal dates are made.

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