Due to Torrential Rains, 106 People Drowning, 2,842 Houses Damaged

The official authorities in Sana’a on Thursday revealed a terrifying statistic of the damage caused by the torrential rains recently.

A meeting chaired by Prime Minister of Sana’a government, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor to discuss the damages of the torrents, reviewed a report on the damages, which stated that the torrential rains led to the death of 106 people by drowning.

According to the report, 2,842 houses were damaged, of which 165 were completely destroyed, most of them in the old Sana’a city, while the others were partially damaged, in addition to the material damage that affected public and private facilities, dams, water barriers, agricultural lands, interruption of main and secondary roads and others.

The report noted the commitment of all agencies and their rapid interaction in various emergency cases, including saving lives and property and providing shelter for those whose homes were damaged.

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