Muslim Brotherhood Launches Military Operation to Restore Ataq

Forces of Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen) launched on Wednesday a military operation to restore Ataq city, the administrative center of Shabwa province, eastern Yemen.

This comes at a time when the United States succeeded in putting pressure on the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia to stop its advance towards its last strongholds in Shabwa and Hadramout.

The Islah forces had mobilized, during the past hours, reinforcements from Marib and Hadramout, and they succeeded in expelling “Al-Amaliqa” forces from sites on the international Al-Abr road linking Al-Wadea’ port in Hadramout and Shabwa.

on Tuesday, the Saudi-backed Islah militants carried out a successful bypass operation in Jardan area, northeast of Ataq city, the Shabwa provincial capital.

According to local sources, the gunmen of the “Ataq axis” of Islah, backed by dozens of special forces, carried out a surprise attack on the UAE-backed “Shabwa Defense” and al-Amlaiqa forces, in a military detour described as qualitative, which left human and material losses in the ranks of the UAE militia.

Meantime, al-Amaliqa forces sent large military reinforcements to the area, during which they managed to defeat the Islah militants and advance towards Ayyad area, the center of Jardan district.

The source indicated that the UAE militia advanced towards Barq Al-Bun area to control the areas of Qarn Al-Dhabia, al-Daghthour, and Arma, with the goal of reaching the strategic area of Hura affiliated to Wadi Hadramout districts.

Observers expected that the Shabwa Defense and al-Amaliqa forces might reach the most important Islah camps in Al-Khasha’a, which represents the gateway to Wadi Hadramout districts, which is 110 km from Marib-Wadieh international road, after securing its control over Khashm Al-Ain.

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