United Nations Stops Its Support to Mine Center in Yemen

The Director of the Executive Center for Mine Action in Sana’a, Brigadier General Ali Safra, confirmed that stopping the international support for the Mine Action Center will result in a humanitarian catastrophe and will cause a large number of civilian casualties.

Brigadier-General Safra said, “The United Nations told us to stop supporting the Mine Action Center at the beginning of next September, and this means the continued danger to the lives of thousands of citizens.”

He added”The United Nations Development Program reported that the Saudi coalition did not originally allow the purchase of mine detectors and remnants of war in Yemen.”

He pointed out that the center will work with the available capabilities, and will not wait for any support from the United Nations or others as a humanitarian and national duty.

Brigadier-General Safra stated that the center’s field teams were able to survey 120 areas suspected of being contaminated by the remnants of the war in Hodeidah, and that what constitutes an obstacle to these teams are the cluster bombs buried underground.

He explained that the center has completed clearing villages, residential neighborhoods, and roads from cluster bombs in Al-Durayhimi and Al-Tuhayta, and is continuing to cleanse farms as a second stage.

He pointed out that the center does not expect to stop the support, and that the international announcement of stopping the support may be just to divert attention from the demands for the introduction of detection devices for these wastes.

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