Military Parade in Sana’a “for Liberating Palestine” – Photos

Sana’a forces continue to hold celebrations and military parades from various military units.

The support brigades celebrated today, the graduation of “Al-Aqsa AlSharif” batch of its affiliates from the provinces of Ibb, Taiz and Al-Dhalea.

The commander of the support brigades in Sana’a forces, Major General Qassem Al-Hamran, affirmed, “The full readiness in all regions and axes for any decision taken by the wise leadership in this country, whether it is war or peace.” Pointing to the brigades’ readiness to “confront the enemies in any circumstance, at any stage and at any time,” according to Sana’a Military Media.

Major General Al-Hamran said, in the presentation of “Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif” batch: “We in the support battalions’ war against those who fought him and peace for those who are at peace with him.” He added: “We say to our dear brothers in Palestine that this issue and project we carried it with us at every stage, and how much we long to be at the forefront of the ranks with our dear Mujahideen brothers in the face of the Zionists and the occupiers.”

“Member of the Supreme Political Council,” Sultan al-Sami’i, said that the coalition, over the course of seven years, “tried to achieve its goals and ambitions by occupying Yemen with the most powerful weapons and with large armies of mercenaries and traitors from various countries. But he could not and will not be able to reach his aggressive and despicable goals by occupying Yemen, because throughout history, Yemen is the cemetery of invaders, and today it is a graveyard for invaders.”

This is the seventh military parade carried out by Sana’a forces within days in light of the humanitarian and military truce, indicating the extent of their high combat readiness to confront Saudi-Emirati coalition and its factions.

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