Will UN Truce Succeed in Alleviating ‘Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation’ in Yemen?

The real value of the truce is the positive things that will result from it, the benefit of which will be on the Yemeni citizens who have been exhausted by the Saudi-led coalition and siege.

The truce should not be dealt with as a temporary tactic to reposition the military for the next round of war, but rather as a long-term strategy whose first objective is to stop the war and search for realistic and lasting solutions to it, based on the higher interest of the country and the Yemeni citizen.

The interest of the nation must be put above all considerations, relinquishing other matters in order to reach a permanent and sustainable solution to the longest global war witnessed by Yemen, causing the worst humanitarian crisis.

What is certain is that the Saudi-backed party does not exist except as a name that includes groups of mercenaries and armed militias. While the real fighter is the coalition, which uses these Saudi-sponsored forces as a tool to implement an agenda that was in the past out of reach. What is happening now in the southern occupied provinces proved that as the Saudi coalition has succeeded in tearing those provinces apart into meager entities and armed militias run by the UAE-Saudi regimes.

The truce must turn into a humanitarian act. This act opens the air and sea blockade on the country. The closure of Sana’a airport left behind a human tragedy, which was the impossibility of travel for tens of thousands of patients, students and citizens. The siege of the port of Hodeida prevented the entry of food, medicine and fuel ships and left catastrophic effects that pervaded all provinces.

There is a great difference between those who work for the interest of the country and those who use the national interest as a means to achieve their selfish goals and others that serve colonialism.

Source: Yemen Press Agency

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