If Truce Fails, We Will Go to Military Escalation, Results Will Be Greater: Houthis

Head of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, confirmed that the chances of extending the truce in Yemen might be the last in the event that a mechanism for paying employees’ salaries had not reached, with the siege lifted.

Abdul-Salam told Al-Mayadeen TV: “We have no guarantees regarding the armistice except what we see on the ground, and that is why we went for the extension, not the agreement.”

Yemen’s oil is looted and supplied to Saudi banks, and employees’ salaries are not paid on the country’s wealth, and Sana’a presented an initiative to pay the salaries, and opened a bank account for Hodeida revenues, but the other party has refused, he added.

He continued, “We demand the natural rights of the Yemeni people and consider that non-payment of employee salaries is a crime against our people.”

He stressed that a comprehensive ceasefire would not be reached if the humanitarian issues were not resolved, and the war, siege and occupation to end.

Abdul-Salam warned foreign companies that plunder Yemen’s wealth, noting that they must realize that they would not continue looting for one moment after the end of the truce.

He went on to say, “How do we accept the closure of our ports and the ports of the coalition countries are open, and this is what we worked on previously and will work after the end of the truce.”

He pointed out that the military parades and the political discourse in Sana’a confirmed the continuation of mobilization and the declaration of readiness to face any development and any failure of the armistice.

“Yemen has capabilities that have proven their effectiveness in Abu Dhabi and Saudi lands,” he revealed. Any Iranian and Saudi understanding will be positive, and this understanding does not serve the Americans or the Israelis, as it contradicts their interests.”

Abdul-Salam added: “Our position on the Palestinian issue is consistent and we have expressed it on more than one occasion, and we are ready to stand with the Palestinian people.”

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