Sana’a Discusses with Moscow Prospects of Comprehensive Settlement in Yemen’s war

Sana’a has expanded its foreign diplomatic relations to discuss ways to end the Saudi-Emirati coalition’s war on Yemen, going on for more than seven years, in light of the attempt to isolate Sana’a from the international community.

The head of Sana’a delegation to the political negotiations, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, announced on Wednesday that he had met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in the capital, Moscow, to discuss developments, and to discuss “the prospects for achieving a comprehensive peace settlement for the war on Yemen and addressing the humanitarian file.”

He explained in a tweet on Twitter that the political and military developments on Yemen and regional arena were discussed, after UN envoy announced the humanitarian and military truce for an additional two months for the third time.

Observers believe that during the years of war, Sana’a was able to open diplomatic relations with regional and international parties despite the coalition’s siege, after its remarkable military success in front of the coalition and its factions during the war years.

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