Entire Family Killed by UAE Airstrike in Shabwa

Several members of a family were killed on Wednesday in UAE air raids on their car in the city of Ataq, the Shabwa provincial capital, Yemen press agency reported.

The sources quoted that the Emirati drones targeted the car carrying a family displaced from the confrontations taking place in the city of Ataq, with an airstrike in the vicinity of the city, killing all of them, including women and children, without revealing the number of the dead.

Earlier in the day, the UAE drones targeted a number of military points belonging to Islah militants, with more than 30 air strikes, inside and around the city of Ataq, which led taking control of the “Special Security Forces” camp by members from the “Shabwa Defense” and al-Amaliqa forces backed by the UAE.

The UAE airstrikes came after military advances by Islah militants on Tuesday towards the house of the Shabwa governor loyal to the UAE, and the governorate administration building, as well as the fire control of Ataq Airport.

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