Sana’a Witnessed Mass Rally on Ashura Anniversary, Support Palestinians

The capital, Sana’a, witnessed Monday a mass rally in commemoration of Ashura and support of the Palestinian people, under the slogan “No way to be humiliated”.

Mass crowds raised the National Flag and the Flag of Palestine, and banners affirmed the Yemeni people’s pursuit of revolution and approach of Imam Hussein in the face of the forces of global tyranny and arrogance, led by America and Israel and their tools from the Saudi, Emirati, and mercenary regimes, Saba news agency said.

Crowds chanted continuing steadfastness, sacrifice, rejection of humiliation, denial, and subordination, and support for the Palestinian people’s resistance valiant to the arrogance of the occupied Israeli forces.

The crowds strongly condemned the continued “Zionist aggression” against the Gaza Strip, which had resulted in the killing and injuring of dozens of Palestinians, among a series of crimes and aggressions perpetrated by Israeli forces against the Palestinian people.

They reaffirmed the firmness of the Yemeni people’s unwavering position of support for the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance and support for all options to respond to the Israeli aggression until the liberation of all occupied territories.

Mass crowds stressed the importance of commemorating Ashura to draw lessons from Imam Hussein’s biography and approach and his persistence in fighting injustice, tyranny and the victory of the vulnerable.

Stressing that the Yemeni people were continuing their revolution against the arrogant as an example of Imam al-Hussein and his revolution against tyrants and oppressors they consider the commemoration of this anniversary an embodiment of the connection with the Sayyed of Martyrs and the approach for which he moved.

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