Sana’a PM: Increasing Population Is a Positive Factor that Should Be Invested

Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Tuesday stressed that the indicators of increasing the population in Yemen until the end of the current decade should motivate the formulation of policies, programs and rehabilitation plans that lead to the development of the human mass and the realization of its active role in development.

This came when he participated in the celebration of World Population Day 2022, organized by the National Population Council in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund.

Prime Minister pointed to the importance of the event, which is related to one of the most important issues to which the world has dedicated a day to shed light on the complex population issues and to remind all officials and individuals in light of the growing population in the world.

He said, “We should not only focus on the growing population, but also work on how to take advantage of this positive factor that China has been able to invest through parallel development policies and achieve great leaps in becoming the largest economic country in the world, along with India, which is competing today with international economics and in the educational fields through its dependence on population development.

He added, “We were and still are the largest population mass on the level of the Arabian Peninsula, and it seems that through the study that was presented in the event, we will continue to increase in this aspect, and that one of the reasons for the war on Yemen is the killing of the largest number of the population directly through planes and missiles and indirectly by impoverishing the people, besiege and starve it and stop everything related to human being and development.”

Bin Habtoor pointed out in this regard that what was looted and sold of Yemen’s oil and gas resources by the two countries of Saudi coalition, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, during the years of war, according to their documents announced yesterday, amounted to 13 billion dollars.

He pointed out that the countries of Saudi coalition were not satisfied with what they practiced of injustice, cruelty, siege and war against the Yemeni people throughout these years, but rather looted and stole its resources and bounties, stressing that what is happening is a great tyranny over the Yemeni people, which forces them to resist by all means.

He stated that with the passage of time scandals and information appear that condemns the war and the regimes of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi shows the extent of their hatred for Yemen and its people.

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