Saudi Arabia Deploys Brigade from “Al-Qaeda” on Eastern Border of Yemen

A Hadhrami journalist revealed on Monday, that Saudi Arabia had deployed a brigade from Al-Qaeda at Al-Wadiah crossing on the eastern border of Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The journalist affiliated with the Transitional Council, Muhammad Saeed Bahdad, said that the brigade is called “Al-Mehdhar.” It was formed and trained by the coalition recently in Rabwah area in the city of Mukalla. He pointed out that the Brigades began to deploy in Al-Wadiah as an alternative to Hashem al-Ahmar factions stationed at the most important port between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Haddad indicated that this faction rejected the attempt to photo its members and spread it under the pretext of “the inviolability of filming animates beings,” which is the slogan that raised by Al-Qaeda.

The deployment of the brigade coincided with a meeting with the commander of the Saudi coalition forces in Hadhramaut valley and desert with the reference of Hadhramaut tribes.

According to local media, the meeting discussed the latest moves, which Saudi Arabia justified by trying to block the road to those stalking the oil hill, in reference, to the transitional, who is eager to be stationed there.

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