Houthis Condemn Coalition’s Attack on al-Harizi’s House

Abdul Malik al-Ajri, a member of the Sana’a negotiating delegation has condemned the Saudi-led coalition raid on the house of Sheikh Ali Al-Haraizi, the head of sit-in committee, in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen.

“What the occupation forces in Mahra province have done is condemned,” Abdul Malik al-Ajri said in a tweet on Saturday.

He called on all people in the country (north and south) to unite in order to cleanse Yemen of all invading foreign forces.

“Otherwise the coalition’s thuggery will not stop there; from occupying the land to violating the sanctities of houses,” he added.

On Thursday, members of the “military police” of the coalition, including Emirati and Saudi officers in 12 military vehicles stormed the house of Al-Haraizi, in Al-Mahif area.

American, British and Emirati Forces Storm Sheikh Al-Huraizi’s Home

The committee for peaceful sit-ins in Mahra vowed to take an appropriate response to the raid on al-Haraizi house.

Mahra Tribes Vows Revenge Against Coalition’s Attack on al-Harizi’s Home

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