Head of Mahra Sit-in Committee Returns to Al-Ghaydah

Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, the chairman of sit-in committee in Mahra province, arrived Friday in the provincial capital, Al-Ghaydah, in eastern Yemen.

Al-Harizi chaired an emergency meeting for the committee’s members and its components.

The meeting condemned the raid by militias of the Saudi-led coalition on sheikh al-Harizi’s house on Thursday, following the directives of US and British forces present at al-Ghaydah airport. The raid was a cowardly terrorist act, they said.

At the meeting, Sheikh Al-Harizi affirmed that he would continue to oppose foreign occupation forces and demand their departure from Mahra and Yemen, stressing that such acts would not dissuade him from his national principles and morals.

He called on the free and honorable free leader in Mahra in particular, and Yemen in general, to unite and stand against the presence of foreign forces in Mahra, until their departure.

On Thursday, members of the “military police”of the coalition, including Emirati and Saudi officers, stormed with by 12 military vehicles, the house of Al-Haraizi, in Al-Mahif area.

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