YPC: Only 24 Ships Reached Hodeidah Port during Truce

Sana’a-based Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) confirmed that the UN representative continues to mislead the International community about the total number of fuel ships arriving at the port of Hodeidah.

The executive director of the company, Ammar Al-Adrai, told Almasirah that “the total number of fuel ships that entered through Hodeidah, according to the timeline of the UN-sponsored truce, is only 24 ships.”

Denying what Grundberg said that the ships coming to Hodeidah are subject to procedures, Al-Adrai confirmed that they are taken by the Saudi coalition after obtaining the UN permits, indicating that all the ships that arrived at the port of Hodeidah were subjected to piracy and detention.

Al-Adhrai revealed that more than two million barrels of crude oil were looted per month through the “occupied” ports by the Saudi- sponsored forces.

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