STC Defends on Al-Azi’s Visit to Aden

The Transitional Council defended the de-facto authority in Aden about the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Salvation Government in Sana’a to the city.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes at a time when Hussein Al-Ezzi revealed new details about his mission in the city, amid widespread controversy.

The leader of the Transitional Council, Adel Al-Shabhi, tried to suggest that Al-Ezzi visited a current in the Transitional Council by talking about his attempt to spread differences within the council. He also tried to defend his arrival in Aden by talking about his entry in disguise.

Al-Shabhi’s statements came after Al-Ezzi resolved doubts about his announcement on his visit to Aden, with a video clip from the city.

He also revealed in a new tweet on his social networking site the details of the mission, he pointed out that all those in the city consisted of Saudi-Emirati armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, some of which were in the hands of those he described as “nasty”. Referring to the current that received him, and another in the hands of those he described as “mercenaries” who sell them at comfortable prices, alluding to his purchase of a group of them.

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